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Welcome to the new home of the Patti Smith Setlists!

Phase 1
In 1999, the Patti Smith Setlists project began when I noticed that there were many errors in the information circulating about the concerts of Patti Smith (wrong dates, unknown venues, incomplete and contradictory setlists, etc). Then came the idea of creating an accurate document that would serve the community as a reference for any communication about Patti’s concerts.

Phase 2
In 2001, the first public version was born when Sari Gurney agreed to host the Setlists Document on her website: The Patti Smith News, which focuses on updated information about Patti’s current activities. This was also a turning point in the creation of the Setlists Document as people began sending in information: venue names, setlists they wrote down after 70s concerts, scans of setlists, etc. Soon, setlists were coming from all over the world, a few times right after the concert. Some would write it down at the show while others used their memories and wrote it down back home. Some setlists came from people who did not always know the titles of the songs. Many setlists were incomplete or the songs were in an unconfirmed order. It was fun work; sorting different setlists sometimes from the same night. It was also quite amazing to see how many versions of a title one can get. Other setlists were more like eventlists and included stories and jokes that Patti told. The more I worked on the Setlists, the more they looked like something that could be read.

Phase 3
In 2004, Andrew took over as the Setlists manager while I began to work on the next version of the Patti Smith Setlists that would now include all known concerts/events with or without a setlist.

Phase 4
In 2005, the Setlists had to find a new home on the WWW since Sari did not have the time anymore to keep updating the Setlists section. Georg, who knew about the situation, learned HTML to build this present website dedicated to Patti Smith and which would host the Setlists. And finally, Claudia joined in as proof reader.

The Setlists attempt to describe the live work of Patti.

A portrait of the artist
By the stories she told
By the songs she sang
And by the poems she read


Claude M Caron, 2005

To Patti for inspiration and enlightment.

To Sari Gurney who hosted the Patti Smith Setlists from 2001 to 2004 on her website: The Patti Smith News and for providing a link to this new home.

To Steve Jackson: for letting us use his Pattibase document hosted on the Babelogue website, an essential and basic compilation of Patti's concerts from 1971 to 1998.

To the Babelogue website and the Babel List archives: for resources.

To all the collaborators:
Alan Derickson, Alicia Ridout, Andy Evans, Andrea Anzani, Andrea Terzi, Andrew Burns, Andrew Wilson, Antoni Carbó i Bueno, Antonio Iriarte, Bill Kristy, Bill MacLehose, Bob Kelly, Bob Torsello, Bruno Moskola, Brian Kelley, Carlos, Carol Green, Carsten Wohlfeld, Charles David, Chris Whithouse, Cindy McKee, Chris Music, Christ Vanneste, Claudia, Cristina Serena, Dario Regis, Dave Nowels, David Britsch, David O’Steinberg, Dieter Krist, Dimitris Kazantzis, Doug Garn, Elaine, Edu, Elizabeth, Evelyn Keyser, Fabienne Claes, Flavio, Francesco Santoro, Franz D, Frat, Freddy Ingulfsen, Gary Jucha, Gennaro, Georg Cizek-Graf, Gianfranco Luglio, Gian Paolo Piga, Gill, Gordon Comstock, Gunther (G The Cock), Guy Gillor, Hakan Olsson, Håkon Grønning, Hanne Hermansen, Hans Kristian Rasmussen, Harold, Heinz Wagner, Helmut Otte, Henrik Schäfer, Hiro Nishiyama, Hiroyuki Hosoi, Hunter Desportes, hwycdrrev, Jacky Jourdain, Jan Poulsen, Jang Geun Woo, James Angen, Jay Kleinwaks, Jean-François, Jean-Pierre Pellerin, Jeff Gocken, Jeff Levin, Jeffre Dene, Jim Davidson, Jim Hiney, Joao Oliveira, Joe Leveille, Joel Zakem, Jon H Karlsen, John Zinevich, Juan J Vicedo, Julian Phillips, Karen, Kasým Burak Özdemir, Kees Weijens, Keith Allison, Ken Chau, Kiki, Klaus Hußmanns, Kostis Agrafiotis, Kyle Holbrook, Lawrence French, Lilla Varga, Lou Farrell, Lorenz Hettel, M., Magda, Manos, Maria D Mayer, Maria Wallin, Marilyn Turnbow, Mark Landgraf, Mark Stang, Marta Liz, Mary Fries, Mauro Regis, Maxxx, Melissa Blakeslee, Michael Haukedalen, Michael Lampert, Mick McLaughlin, Mikael Skog, Mike Morrissey (People Have the Power), Milios, Mitch Gart, Moni Kellermann, Moveon, Nevan King, Neville Harson, Oligodendroglia, Olivier Baris, Oliver K. Schweinoch, Pablo Roy, Paolo Scamperle, Pastis, Patrick Lahanque, Paul (gOrdO55), Paul Dinberg, Peter Koch, Peter Moorkens, Petr Bláha, Pierre Viviani, Rémi Léger, Riccardo Pagnozzi, Rich Nesin, Richard Tayson, Riderka, Risa, Rob Bishop, Robin B, Rod Lowe, Ryoichi, S., Sam Matthews, Sam Stone, Sand, Sari Gurney, Sascha Priester, Scott Mauvais, Sebastian Petsu, Sergio Gandiglio, Sofff, Sören, Stefano Moroni, Stefano Nassetti, Stéphane, Steve Blair, Steve Hampson, Stever Dallmann, Susanne Bauer, Thor, Tim Andrews, Tom Grohs, Tom Friedrich, Tom Hosier, Tom Wilk, Tomislav Lamut, Tomoko Tsushima, Toshi Aizawa, Uwe Möntmann, Una, Unni, Valerie White, Vineland, Walter Horn, Wayne Sieber, Waz, Will Harvey, Willy Van de Ven, Zinovi

To all of you who remain anonymous by choice or by situation and who participated by sending one or more setlist or other information.

Notes to the reader

The Setlists being a work always in progress, its descriptive procedure evolved with time: for example; the covers that Patti did, name of either the composer or the singer that made the song famous were put in brackets randomly during the first years. We found that putting this reference at every occurrence of a cover was putting unnecessary weight in the body of the document, so we choose to mention the name of the composer or the performing artist only the first time a cover was performed. Random references will be removed over time as it was not possible to do that for the present edition.

The Setlists are sometime fragmented, incomplete and funny because they result from collaborative work, and people sent setlists without always knowing the right titles of the songs. When Patti played new songs, sometimes they had no title yet, or a temporary title or nobody heard it as she introduced the song so the title was approximated until an official recording was released or became available and/or someone noticed it. The same thing goes for the poems which are a little less known: the best approximation was written.

In this new version 2005, we tried to standardize the titles and to find out the titles of those referenced as "new song", "unknown", or just "poem". There is still some work to do in that direction.

You will see "First set" versus "Early show"; the difference is that only one ticket was needed to see all the sets while not so to see all the shows.

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